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Apple Orchards, Tulle Skirts, and Nice Little Chocolate Treats

Halloween is over! That means, winter is just around the corner. Unfortunately, this is also the season that I crave all sorts of sweets. I have such a notorious sweet tooth when it comes to European-style pastries that I actually dedicated an entire post to macarons on The Travel Provocateur blog, entitled, "Macaronista: A Fab Girl's Guide to Macarons Worldwide." If I were to have a chance to write a book, I am sure it will be one that is about pâtisseries and desserts around the world. You know the deal... Food + Travel = Folie à Deux.

Although I am on a temporary travel hiatus because of my little ones, this doesn't stop me from exploring my hometown / province / country and extolling the virtues of a staycation. I think it's going to be this way until the end of the year, but as soon as I am done nursing, I will charge full-steam ahead with travelling!

One thing I love about living in Toronto is that you are never far from a farm. Chudleigh's is a family-friendly farm in Milton, Ontario - about a 30- to 45-minute drive from Toronto - and always popular with the young ones. Plus - I'm going out on a limb here - they make the best rustic apple pie in Ontario!
IMG_7138 vintagePumpkin patch at Chudleigh's Farm in Milton Ontario IMG_7133 vintageVintage tractor at Chudleigh's Farm IMG_7166 vintageCruising around in the apple orchards at Chudleigh's IMG_7158 vintageThe three musketeers After carousing with the boys on the apple farm, my oldest girl switches to her "rockerina" (rocker ballerina) persona to go shopping with Mommy.
IMG_8824 salute 1Biker jacket and a tulle skirt. Oy vey! IMG_8838 jumpPracticing to be a rockerina (rocker-ballerina). IMG_8843 bootsBright pink, 80's-style. IMG_8829 leg liftArabesque IMG_8854 skirtGun shy. This mommy also has a penchant for rich, decadent desserts, so guess what we came home with? Mommy's treats...
IMG_8728 copyDark chocolate tart IMG_8736 copyChocolate hazelnut pyramid IMG_1475 choco lime tarts 2Chocolate lime tart Stay tuned for reviews of restaurants and events in (and around) Toronto, Ontario from Folie à Deux.

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Apple Orchards, Tulle Skirts, and Nice Little Chocolate Treats + vintage