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An Ocarina on an iPhone!? WHAT?

So a while ago I blogged about the Smule lighter application -- the app for iPhone which allows mobile phone users to share their 'light' around the world. Well, they've now come out with brand spanking new app, for .99 cents, and it's called Ocarina. Basically, Ocarina allows you to listen to songs being played around the world in real time. All you have to do is tilt the iPhone and blow into it, lightly tapping your fingers onto the four holes, to play tunes. To see Ocarina in action, click on this link here. (even if you are not interested in this application, click on the link anyway... because one lad has used the ocarina to perform the Zelda theme tune! Ahhhhh, the good ole Nintendo days... )

To see other songs, go to the Smule forum
Katy Lynch
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