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Touting Time: GoBackpacking

You can sense the fierce passion before you visit the site: Its domain name immediately commands you, beseeches you. The most irreversibly devoted know no other response to what they've experienced in independent travel than to preach what they've learned in earnest hope that they'll convert someone otherwise unfamiliar with the art.

But Dave, the head priest of, doesn't have a lick of condescension in his

voice, assured that if he can give someone a small push, they can ably make their own treasured discoveries. "I traveled around the world, visiting 22 countries over 20 months," Dave says. "I was robbed. I got sick. I met amazing people. I felt lonely. I felt inspired. I felt frustrated. I felt free. It was perfect. This blog is dedicated to inspiring and motivating others to make their travel dreams come true."

Dave documents his past backpacking experiences with skilled insight, but his contributions don't end with slice-of-life journal-style entries. GoBackpacking carries helpful articles and interviews with experienced backpackers and commentary on important news from the travel realm. The GoBackpacking Twitter account is also one of the more active of the travelsphere, a hyperactive and helpful extension of the excellent GoBackpacking main landing site.

Though it has existed for more than a decade, GoBackpacking got a shiny revitalization in September, and the site's aesthetic often operates like the most astute backpacker should. Its front page is packed lightly with just the essentials, and his self-described editorial style is as follows: "Write about whatever gets you excited, and don’t forget to use spell check." It's this freewheeling, friendly attitude that makes GoBackpacking an excellent read for both the veteran and the uninitiated. Check it out here.

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