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The Re-invention Gang

Even before Scott and I started Talking about Our Relationship, and how to improve it, he had come up with an idea to form a group that would meet regularly to discuss ways to make changes in our lives and receive the nagging support from the group to help us succeed in our goals. (A shout out goes to our friend, Emily, who came up with the name "Re-invention Group" which is much more inspiring a name than our original one which must have been so boring I can't even remember it [Kablooey, stop shaking your head.]) It's kind of like making early New Year's resolutions but having people keep you accountable by giving friendly kicks in the ass. A handful of people expressed interest, but our first meeting began at our condo with three people - Scott, our good friend M, and me (and I live there so....). Others will want to join us as soon as they witness how fabulous we become.

So how do we get to fabulosity?

Scott wants to become a mo' better thinker. He already thinks about a lot of crazy ass shit stimulating ideas but would like to be a more disciplined thinker, and look at both sides of issues, and delve deeper. He's been reading a book called, The Thinker's Way - 8 Steps to a Richer Life by John Chaffee, Ph.D. and has found it very enlightening, but I can't really tell you why because my eyes glaze over when he starts talking about it (hey I've got blogging to do, I don't have time to think!). He also wants to create a successful Classical Guitar teaching studio using the Suzuki Method, and, oh yeah, work on our marriage.

M wants to become more disciplined about working on writing (articles) daily. She's a talented and vivid writer and professional copywriter, and has a great travel writing blog, MobileNoble, check it out and hire her (maybe she'll even tell you her full name)! She also wants to make her blog into a website that highlights her copywriting expertise and writing skills, and to volunteer for an environmental organization.

As for me? I want to complete National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) on November 30 with a 50,000 word novel called, currently, He's All Yours. Then to spend the following six months revising it. And to keep this blog going while writing a frickin' novel in a month! Then I felt guilty because I didn't have anything that I wanted to do to help anyone else, (although I'm sure my blog has changed many people's lives, but not necessarily for the better), like Scott's teaching classical guitar to kids, or M's desire to go all environmental. But I don't really want to help humanity because, let's face it, we're annoying, so what to do? I decided to volunteer at the Humane Society beginning in January because cats and dogs are cute and furry and don't talk back.

Then I noticed that I was getting the "Aren't you forgetting something, dear?" stare from the hubs and I was like, "Whaaaaa?"

"Do you want to add to your list something about working on our marriage?

"Oh! Well I didn't think you'd be able to do that by yourself! Of course, sheesh!" So, yeah, the marriage thang.

Day 1: M wrote, Scott thunk good, and I'm writing this instead of answering plot and character questions for NaNoWriMo (but I have a week, so chill people!) - but I am going to therapy today with Scott so ta-da!

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