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Proof of Slackerness

Here's an example of what a slacker I really am, as some people were getting the crazy idea that because I post a couple of semi-literate miscellany a week that I've somehow overcome my slackerdom (silly, silly people):

I've had a laptop for four years and the wi-fi has never worked. One would think that it would be so annoying to have the freedom of a laptop curtailed like that that it would have gotten me off my wide ass and into a repair shop ages ago. But no. I just sat, plugged into the wall, in my little dust-bunnied corner of the office/studio/guest room year after year (with occasional bathroom breaks, and work, and stuff). So what finally got me out of the house to find a Geek Squad genius? My husband's guitar practice.

He practices classical guitar in the office/studio about two feet away from my ears. Don't get me wrong, he's a good guitar player; and I usually listen to music anyway when I'm writing (anything from The Cure to Joni Mitchell to classical). But since he's become a Suzuki classical guitar teacher he plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Go Tell Aunt Rhodie over and over (and over and over... and over... ), and then he's also practicing a modern piece with a trio where he has to, what I like to call, spank the guitar, while counting the beats out loud, and that was it... the spanking had me crying out for a Geek savior!

After years of being tethered to a wall, all my freedom cost me was a measly $30, (I thought it would be hundreds of dollars), and waiting a paltry three hours. Now I'll be able to take my laptop to the room of my choosing, or coffeeshop, or cafe, or park... or bus, or train, or ferry... the places are almost endless. I am giddy with possibilities... but that being said, I am still a slacker - I'm not saying that I'll get any more writing done, in all the places I can go, but at least I'll get out of the house and look productive.

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