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Imagine John Lennon and a Plea to Promote Peace

Today, October 9, marks what would have been the 70th birthday of John Lennon. Google pays tribute to the controversial but legendary artist with a Doodle.

The Dakota in New York City, where John Lennon lived at the time Mark David Chapman shot him with a pistol on December 8, 1980, is one of Upper East Side's most well-known landmark.
IMG_0509 the Dakota
Inaugurated in what would have been the artist's 45th birthday in 1985, Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park is a favourite gathering place of John Lennon fans.
IMG_0508 strawberry fields IMG_0505 strawberry fields
During the years leading up to his murder, Lennon became a peace advocate. His message was clear: give peace a chance. And we all know that we need a dose of it wherever we are.

Just last night, ironically, we fell victim to a senseless, random (?) act of vandalism targeted towards our home. At 2:00 am (while I was writing and blogging), I heard the violent crashing sound of glass breaking. It was very surreal, but my fight-or-flight impulse kicked into gear. My husband and I, scared as we were, dashed across to our children's room, but found nothing there that would have created that sound. Fortunately, our children were safe, although shaken. Their safety is the most important thing to us, and we're truly grateful that they were not harmed.

Then, I ran halfway down the stairs and saw this scene. I nearly fainted. We weren't sure if there was an intruder in the house or lurking around outside, so needless to say, we were very frightened.
IMG_1318 copy
Someone had actually walked up our porch, catapulted this heavy rock through our front window - which caused our blinds to be ripped off its rod - sending a shower of glass shards across the room. Thankfully, no one was there, so no one was hurt.
IMG_1316 copy
We felt helpless, vulnerable, and attacked in our own home. Why would someone do such a thing to our family? Someone could have been injured badly by that rock (by this I mean, me), as I usually sit to do work or blog where the rock landed.
IMG_1313 copy
I was badly shaken by this incident, so now, every sound I hear in the house makes me jump. I am also constantly looking out the window for god-knows-what. But even if we are living in fear now, I know we will move on because we believe in the inherent goodness of man and we strongly believe in the resilience of the human spirit.

On John Lennon's birthday, I hope we all try to do something with our family or community to promote peace. Because we all know, we need some in life!

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