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I heart logos!

So I was having a chat with a friend the other day about what makes a product successful. Is it the quality of the product? Is it the reputation and / or history of the product? Could it even be something so simple like the logo of a product? Let's take Starbucks, for example. These guys have got it right. Whenever you think of Starbucks, you can't help but picture that forest green logo with the Siren (two-tailed mermaid) in the middle. The logo alone pulls you into the store! Even at the grocery store, I find myself grabbing the Starbucks Double Shot cans because a) the contents of the can are delicious and b) the design of the can is pleasing to the eye.

So, how much value does a logo have and does it work the same way on the world wide web? I read an article on Mashable! this morning, which explains the importance of (speech-bubble) logos. The author of the article has even included a decent amount of logos that he deems noteworthy such as Skype, AIM, Google talk, Imeem, Twitter, and Posty.
From what I have seen thus far, I would have to say my favorites include the Where I've Been logo (teehee! it's bright, it's big, it's bold, and it's a GLOBE! what more could you want?), Skype (I love the air-y, bubbly, light and breezy feel to Skype... makes you want to sit back, with a cup of tea, and chat to a friend all day), Napster (cats with funky headphones. awesome), and Firefox (yep, I love those globes... and foxes... and the colors are great).

What are some of your favorite logos? Why are they important? Would you continue to use a specific website / application if you knew the logo was completely different?

Katy Lynch
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