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Honesty Works! Who Knew?

I was going to write, "not much going on now, sorry, later dudes" but the truth is that so much is going on that I don't know where to begin and am kind of blocked as to how to write about it. Obviously, I could simply not "go there" and just post something amusing and gloss over "reality"... like I usually do... or write nothing, and that is what I have been doing lately... or not doing.

Don't worry though, it is nothing catastrophic, we're healthy-ish, we're not destitute, they haven't canceled our favorite TV shows, it's... a relationship thang. Scott and I have been married a little over six years and over the last year he has asked me off and on,"Is something wrong? Is there anything I've done? What can I do?", and, being the Queen of Non-confrontation, I've usually chalked-up my pissy/aloof attitude to PMS or peri-menopause and brushed him off. But, finally, I felt that my head would literally pop off if I didn't start being honest. So I suggested that we talk about making our relationship better when we went to Cannon Beach last week -- and we've been talking and talking and talking ever since. (Note to self: In the future, refrain from discussing relationship issues on a cliffs overlooking the ocean.) We'll be seeing a marriage counselor recommended by a friend this Thursday... so... more talking!

The most surprising revelation was that Scott had been feeling a lot of the same dissatisfaction, he just didn't act as pissy about it (how does he do that?). That we've fallen into a way-too-comfy "room-mate-ish" situation and are just going through the motions of being a couple, and why, exactly, are we together? Is comfy companionship enough? So. See. Nothing too scary. Nothing insurmountable so far. Just a jumble of emotions that I am not used to writing (or talking) about. So that's where I am, and where I've been, although I couldn't admit it. (In case you are wondering - Scott has given the thumbs-up to writing about this - so all is good.)

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Honesty Works! Who Knew? + working on it