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Happy Hour Friday: All Hallow's edition

Another happy list for Happy Hour Friday see the Wizard of Otin for more!:

Hanging out with Hubs and M in the Re-invention Gang and talking about what we've accomplished (or not) in our weekly goals. Scarfing down M's homemade hummus with chips and veggies as if I haven't eaten in weeks even though I just had a foot long hot dog an hour before!

The sound of pounding rain on the windows in the early morning hours and still being in bed... and not having to get up!

Knowing I don't have to get up early to go to a job I don't want to go to... for now anyway....

When my cat Kashi falls to sleep in the "meatloaf" position and plants her forehead straight down on her bed -- too fucking cute!

Buying new clothes! Thanks Sis for getting married so I have an excuse to buy some new dresses. :)

Coffeehouses. Being unemployed, coffeehouses offer a cheap-ish way to feel that you are still a part of humanity even if the only talk that you do is ordering your coffee and all of the other customers have their eyes glued to their laptops -- I can join them and talk to you guys!

And of course... Halloween candy.

Have a great weekend!

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Happy Hour Friday: All Hallow's edition + life