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So, we all love traveling but we all know it costs a helluvalot of $$$$$$$$$$$$ to escape to a different country, so Where I've Been has made it easy for you to fly with the Where I've Been VIRTUAL PLANES!!! All you gotta do is add a few buddies and you'll be flyin' in no time. The more friends you add, the more planes you will be able to fly. (Believe me, these planes are awesome... and I'll tell you why... because one of them is a BANANA. yep. A GIANT BANANA SHAPED PLANE!)

alright, alright. don't get too excited. and stop reading this blog. start flyin' with your mates.

oh, and while you're at it, check out the new feature on the Where I've Been trivia question. basically now you can send specific questions to your friends to challenge their knowledge.
Happy Halloween
Katy Lynch
Where I've Been Vampire & Community Manager

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