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The Perils of a Woman Travelling with a Toddler (Plus One)

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I thought I was Superwoman. That I could do it all. Travel. Blog. Stay cool. Jetset sans husband, with a toddler in tow. Girl, I had a rude awakening. It turns out, I can't do it all. I can't blog and travel with my daughter - I'm not that kind of a multi-tasker. I need my husband by my side when I do the crazy travel stuff that I do.

I realized that my husband is the invisible force behind my blogging. He was always there to help me carry my equipment and he kept a tight rein on our rambunctious daughter when absolutely necessary. And while this latest trip sans hubby was more of a family event type and I was constantly surrounded by helpful female relatives and friends, I still felt tired and jet lagged (and lonely) most of the time. I was very emotional about my granny's passing, and I couldn't devote any time to writing and photography. Furthermore, I was stressed about many things: I was stressed at having to lug my daughter's stroller, her stuff, and mine; at making sure my child was not hungry or dehydrated; at keeping an eye on her all the time (which means, I don't really have time to shoot photos); at dealing with her everchanging moods. Incidentally, the danger of a blogger woman travelling solo with a child is realizing that she needed her husband. I can almost hear the collective voice of independent women around the world scorning me for this, but please give me a break! My husband... he's like a production assistant. A wonderful assistant to my insane blogging alter ego, who helps me find my wings. In my mind, he's hired... for a long time to come!

So, as a gift to my husband, I'm happily promoting him to be a daddy once again. Baby no. 2 is along the way - alive and kicking - the pitter-patter of its heart heard through a Doppler machine tells me that this one's going to be a survivor. After all, we've been through a lot. Hopefully, it will survive its crazy blogging mommy.

Shoe shopping with our little girl at the 6th in Paris

Husbands who lunch at the 7th in Paris

Crazy blogging mom at work

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The Perils of a Woman Travelling with a Toddler (Plus One) + trip