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The Next Episode: Announcing WIB's Vegas Mobile Giveaway!

In case you're not in the know, sometimes we just like to give stuff away. Just ask Michael Phillips , who is gladly taking home $500 in Travelers' Cheques for an upcoming trip along the gorgeous Route 1 in California, where he's opted to mix in stunning views of the coastal scenery with some old-fashioned pampering at the Treebones Resort. Check out a preview of Michael's trip on his blog, and scope his Where I've Been Map for just a hint of the exploits that lay documented throughout his and his wife's extensive travelogue. On to more good stuff: Hot on the heels of Michael's travelers' cheque treasure-trove, Where I've Been is excited to announce our next Mobile Giveaway , where we'll be sending a lucky traveler and a companion of their choosing on a round-trip flight to Vegas for a two-day, three-night stay in a hotel on the Vegas Strip , along with a special celebration package ! All you have to do is become another one of the proud Where I've Been Mobile Community . First let's hammer out the details of the giveaway:

  • The Vegas getaway promotion runs from Sept 22nd to October 13th . So act fast! On October 15th, we'll select the winner at random.
  • The winner will be given a choice of when they choose to travel, anywhere from November to January. The winner must fly out of a major airport.
  • As of now, this giveaway is only open to the United States and Canada . But we promise we haven't forgotten the rest of the world--we're still working on making the current promotion and all future giveaways of this kind international, so stay tuned to find out more.
So you're down for debauchery? We knew you had it in you. So how do you enter?
  • To sign up, text the word "travel" to 89074 , and you should get a response confirming your place in the WIB Mobile Community and your entry into the Vegas mobile giveaway.
  • This message will remind you that "Standard rates apply"--in other words, however your texting plan is set up with your service provider, you will be charged that amount for each text you receive from us. It'd be the same as receiving a text from a friend. Can we be your friend? We're not into funny business, so let it be clear:
  • We're not going to to spam you . No signing you up for jokes, no semi-frequent philosophical questions, no late-night pillow talk. Just stuff that we think can help you out--free round-trip airfare, big discounts, and hints about potential giveaways. You'd like that, right? We thought so.
  • If you decide you don't like what we're dishing out, all you have to do is text "stop" to 89074 . It's that easy. And we won't be offended -- promise.
Have we convinced you yet? We hope so. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to e-mail Whether you go to simply to people-watch, to take in a show or to roll the dice on a big payday, the lights of the Vegas Strip shine infinitely brighter in person. You'll never know until Wayne Newton's 70-year-old botoxed smile blinds you from up close, so join the WIB Mobile Community today!

The Where I've Been Team

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The Next Episode: Announcing WIB's Vegas Mobile Giveaway! + trip