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The Biennali

Hello again people. I am alive and well here in Venice on my last full day. I haven't been on the internet all that much here because it's a bit pricey and I really don't feel like dropping $6 an hour.

The new place I've been staying in has been quite pleasant. For a four bed room, it's only been Dave and me occupying it. We've been squeezing our curfew out as much as possible too, with an 11:59 ring on the bell to be let up almost every night. It is a bit of a bummer, but I've been exhausted almost every night from the walking that the feet have been doing. Today we spent 8 hours as the Biennali, a major art event that happens in Venice every two years (hence the name). Nations from all over the world send some of their known artists to Italy to install their exhibits, paintings, and other works of art. I saw some very unique (and some quite volatile works), but overall very cool stuff. The weather in Venice has been quite cooperative, with only a few bits and pieces of rain here and there.

The travel plan from here is to head north once again to Freiburg, Germany (via Night train tomorrow night), followed by Berlin, then Munich, Dusseldorf, Paris, London, and then home to the real world. Take a breath - here we go!

(pictures will come as soon as I'm out of Venice)

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