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Revisiting My Favourite Photos

As my husband and child sink into deep slumber, a whole new world stirs around me. I am awake, and I am having a clandestine midnight affair. Oh silly, it's with my camera!

For months, I have been covertly learning the fine art and science of photography, mostly during slow weekends and night time. Tonight, I am revisiting some of my favourite images from my own meager collection. Any comments about my work are welcome! You see, I am just raring to learn!

This photo of New York City was taken from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. Not surprisingly, the building security team had confiscated my tripod earlier, even after numerous sweet-talking attempts to sneak it in. In the end, I ascended the tower without my tripod, and consequently, had to hand hold my camera for all the night shots. This was one of the sharper images that resulted from this nocturnal exercise.

The photo below was taken at the 42nd Street subway station just as the train was pulling into the platform. For a sneak peek of our NYC mini-trip, scroll to my previous post, An Eager Epicurean Backpacks To Two Hot NYC Eateries.

This one below was taken in Santorini, Greece. I absolutely love this photo because it captured the untold blues of a September Santorini sea and sky.

To see more of my Santorini photos from the post, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, click here.

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Revisiting My Favourite Photos + trip