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Not That Kind of Package!

I'm still blushing and most likely will never order pizza again (well... that's doubtful) after what I said to the delivery boy last night (and he was a boy - probably not even 20).

I went to the door, handed him the check and he opened his delivery bag and it was stuffed with four or five pizza boxes and bags of side dishes and I said, "Wow, that's a pretty full package there." Wha....? Even in the dim hall light I saw him turn red (as I did) and a huge grin crossed his face. Package? Package? Really? It was a bag what part of my misfiring brain did "package" come from?

I can just imagine him going back to the restaurant and telling his buddies, "Yeah, then this cougar came to the door and told me that I had a big package." When I told Scott what I had said, cringing the whole time, he just laughed and told me, "Honey, that's where Penthouse Forum stories come from." Great.

Dorkily yours,

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Not That Kind of Package! + Stupid Things I Say