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Location: Bad Kreuznach

After an 8 hour train ride from Munich on an ICE (Think of it as the German Bullet Train), I ended up in Bad Kreuznach, a smallish town about an hour and a half southwest from Frankfurt. Why you may ask. To go to an amusement park!

After deciding between parks, we ended up at Phantasieland, an relative rip off of Disneyland on a much smaller scale. But it was a bunch of fun. They have a really neat rapids ride that uses an elevator style lift to bring you to the top of the course (instead of a ramp), and cayon coaster that puts the Disney version to shame. For the first time in my existence, I actually felt too ill to ride one of the rollercoasters. But I blame on the fact that I had been feeling a little under the weather from Venice until then, and riding rides when you're not feeling well doens't make it all better. Most embarrasing (and Torben, this is for you) is between rides I went to the first aid station to get some medication that would "make it all go away". It's nice when you take some big white pill and have no idea what the hell is in it.

But that wasn´t the day in a nutshell.

So Germany, realizing that sunshine was too much of a good thing for this time of year, decided to rain most of the day, adding some fog and grey skies to keep the ambience nice and cheery. It was a bit of a bummer at the amusement park (nothing too horrible), but at our next stop, the Nürburgring, it did hamper things a bit.

Yes, I said the Nürburging. The world famous racing circuit.

The fog was rediculously dense up there, and I couldn´t catch much of the track, but nobody was there and we walked around the paddocks and the hotel (which happens to be RIGHT along the track!). I managed to catch two Audi Q7s (the new SUV that hasn´t been released yet) parked inside of the hotel garage, with my camera and a Maserati Quattropole parked in front. For non car people, it's a very expensive car made by Ferrari.

Tomorrow´s plan - hop on another train to Berlin and park it there for a few days before going down to Munich (whoopee, another 8 hour train ride!).

Posted are some pictures from Venice and today. Enjoy!

( captions: (from the top left) The Nürburgring (fog included), The Q7 "Spy Shots" Rory style, Love the Bush!, One of the exhibits at the Biennali called the UFO-I can explain later (Back in Venice), Venice, big slices o Pizza (Lisa and Dave pictured), Venice, San Marco Piazza (Venice), the most retarded picture of me period - yes I am jumping - hard to believe, and finally a nice shot from the island of Burano (the island known for its lace production - OH YEEEAAAAHHH!). More pictures coming in coming days.

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Location: Bad Kreuznach + train