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Farewell to Summer, A Glimpse of Fall

As we bid the last of the summer days our sweetest farewells, I can't help but reminisce what a beautiful season it had been. I up-started my other travel blog, The Travel Provocateur, as well as an online food and lifestyle magazine, Black Sushi. But more than that, it was the chance to rekindle my passion for food and adventure with some of the greatest people on earth - my family and friends!

I was off to the countryside this weekend for a belated birthday getaway, so that's why you didn't hear from me in the last few days. Rest assured, I'll still be busy blogging about many things.

My recent trip to New York, for instance. Specifically about food and shopping in one of the greatest cities in the world!
IMG_0445 taco signs
Essaouira. Let me guide you to my Essaouira - eat, sleep, shop!
IMG_3780 alley
Finally, this is where we escaped to for my birthday weekend... First, we went camping in Kitchener-Waterloo, then we spent Sunday at Langdon Hall Country Estate in Cambridge, Ontario (pictured below). It was quite a fabulous weekend for me.
IMG_1088 LH grounds end
However, I am most awestruck at this event: my daughter turning into a blogger. This is proof positive that we parents really influence our children, and they indeed follow our lead. My little one loves taking "food" (more like, her toy tea set) and travel shots! Here's what I caught her doing...
Have a great week!

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Farewell to Summer, A Glimpse of Fall + trip