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waaaahhhhh!dry your eyes, boys 'n girls. it's going to be OK...
I'm sure you have all heard the news by now. facebook is 100% absolutely, positively switching to the new layout very shortly.

this doesn't really come as a shock, but I understand that there are quite a lot of disgruntled old style facebook fans out there. in fact, the other day I got invited to an anti-new facebook group, 'People against the New Facebook System', which has 226,238 members. craziness.

ultimately, this is a very smart move for facebook. the new profile is very unique, proving once again that facebook is in a class of its own, setting itself apart from the likes of bebo and myspace. I have to admit that spending half of my day SCROLLING DOWN THE DARN PAGE to get to a person's wall on the old facebook is irritating... eeuughh, thank god the new layout has gotten rid of that.
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for those of you who... haha, just kidding. I'm done.

Katy Lynch
Community Manager
(the title of this blog entry made me wanna bust out some David Bowie... ch-ch-ch-chaaaaanngeeeeesssssss)

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