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Of Shadows and Sunset Silhouettes

Over the weekend, we had a big family-and-friends outing to Northwood Animal Sanctuary in Seagrave, Ontario. The kids gawked at the exotic animals present -- lions, leopards, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, lynxes, wolves, grizzly bears, bisons, ostriches, owls, and eagles. Although we were a bit saddened that they're in captivity, we also realized the importance of such practices in Canada. Conservation and perpetuation of the species are on the top of Northwood's mission statement, and we support them!

We stayed late for the night safari at Northwood. When the sun set, a bonfire was lit and we all danced to the beat of African drums. We were shadow figures around a warm fire, as the full moon glided across the night sky.

I took the photo of my daughter (top) and her cousin (middle) at sunset. Children are hard to photograph as they're so difficult to rein in for a shot. Yet it also is so easy because they produce the most honest reactions.What do you think of these photos? Leave me a comment!

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Of Shadows and Sunset Silhouettes + trip