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Luxe City Guides Giveaway

I interrupt my New York food journal with a weekend giveaway for you!

Did you ever want to feel the thunder from Down Under (no pun intended)? Then Sydney will seriously rock your world. Look out for sharks, sand, and shopping in this southern hemisphere city!
sydney luxe
Did you ever think that the old and new could co-exist symbiotically in the middle of a scorched desert? Then the cacophanous souks and glittering towers of Dubai vie for your attention.
Did you ever dream of Bernardo Bertolucci's Beijing from The Last Emperor... but with shopping? Then China's capital city is no longer just home to the Peking Duck...
shanghai luxe
Did you ever fancy fish and chips or bangers and mash? Then, get outta this place - that's the London of yesteryears! London today leads the New Britannia, where glamourous restaurants churn out innovative dishes to an avant-garde crowd! So don't ever say "groovy"!
London eye
Did you ever have a song in your heart for La Serenissima? Then grab your Gucci and Armani and perch water-side on a grand palazzo with an icy bellini! Who says Venice is sinking?
venice gondola
Did you ever want to go galavanting in a cutting-edge Catalan city where there's more fiesta than siesta? Then Barcelona is your paean in the Mediterranean!
IMG_4294 casa
Did you ever want a taste of the best in the world packed in a tiny Tiffany's box with a beautiful bow? From $30 burgers to $300 Wagyu, you'll find couture cusine here. From Ace to W, this is habitat for humanity! There is no place like New York City.
IMG_0792 copy
If you are just dying for a getaway to any of these cities, LUXE is giving away a fun, feisty, and fabulous City Guide to one (extremely) lucky reader!

Luxe gals and guys around the world can currently book hotels and villas from the LUXE website, as well as purchase their colourful, pocket-size (perfect for skinny jeans) city guides and mobile app.

For a chance to win a City Guide of your choice, jet-set now to the LUXE website and pick your favourite Luxe city. Leave a comment and let me know which guide you'd like to see in your mail! It all ends Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 11:59 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

*UPDATE: Winner of Luxe City Guide is comment #5, Mom-Friday!

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