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Location: Paris, France

So after about 16 hours of travel halfway across the world, I'm sitting comfortably with some family friends in a suburb a little bit outside of Paris. Virgin Atlantic is a fantastic airline by the way. From the surprisingly good food to the most incredible entertainment system I've seen, this airline is now one of my favorites.

The entertainment system had 44 movies to choose from, all of which were on demand! My flight to Paris had a change over in London, which would have been painless - if - the computer systems hadn't gone down and taken half of the flights with it. This blip caused my flight to be an hour late in getting to its designated gate, and an hour waiting in the plane for us to take off. This was the first time in a while that I actually felt a serious desire to have my cell phone... especially when tracking down my ride at the airport in Paris. Anyways, an exhausted me is going to crash in t-minus 10 seconds. Until the next time.

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Location: Paris, France + London