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Location: Koblenz

I'm sitting comfortably in the apartment of Torben, a guy who I met when I was working at Electronic Arts two summers ago. He was actually shipped from Germany to the company headquarters to work on translating for video games. Anyways, he invited me to visit him when I was in the neighborhood (which I take as Europe) and here I am.

It is definitely weird being back in Germany, and boy is my German coming back! It's incredible. The town I'm in is Koblenz, actually on the West side of the country, just below Cologne along the Rhein River. I was picked up at the train station by Torben, his girlfriend, and two other friends and they basically took me on a micro tour. The weather by the way has been unreal. I mean hot... a little warmer than California actually. It's a good thing I brought sunscreen. I am actually wishing it was a little bit colder here. It's a good thing I left the fleece jacket in France.

The ICE high speed train was really nice from Amsterdam to Köln, but the fact that I didn't have a reservation made it interesting, as all of the seats were reserved along the trip at various points, and by looking at a digital tag above each row that tells you what seats are reserved and from what cities they're reserved from made for a little bit of a musical chair situation.

A word on Amsterdam. This town felt like Vegas of Europe. What happens there, stays there. The smell of weed in the air was something that I haven't experienced often, along with seeing people openly smoking their blunts in public. I partook, and it was great. I spent all day yesterday walking all over town, hitting up the sex museum, the cannabis museum, and the Van Gogh museum. The best one was the cannabis museum - very informative, although somewhat disorganized. I made two new friends in my hostel - two British bloques by the names of Dan and Jamie. We hung out on both nights, and I'm hoping I hear from 'em soon.

Tomorrow basically has me running around with Torben and his gang, and then the day after tomorrow I head to another country!


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