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I Kinda Sorta in a Way Did It!

I have passed the 90-day mark of my Writing Program project... and I'm still writing! Scott, annoyed encouraged me to set writing goals for three months which I detailed in my post Getting With the Program. Since then, I've created this blog, gone to readings, had one non-fiction article published in a local newsletter, (again, via my pimp husband), and taken a creative writing class.

Part of the program was to write and/or edit three hours a day. Much to my surprise I'm on the computer much MUCH more than that every day. Scott seems surprised too. Not so much in a good way (he's not above thinking that computers will one day destroy the world). But I'm not wri ting the entire time, obviously, since I only post two or three times a week, unlike some people who post nearly every day, (show offs!), and I haven't written any fiction in these three months. So what am I doing? Marketing my blog (by reading and commenting on other blogs, for one) is a full-time job, I'm discovering, and I love it. I just wish I could figure out who will pay me for it - certainly not my hubs. I don't believe putting ads on your site creates that much revenue, especially when you still don't have a huge number of hits per day (if I am wrong in that assumption, please, somebody, tell me!). Personally, I never click Internet ads - sorry to say to those depending on me to feed your children - who must be very skinny by now.

So now what? The other day Scott asked me what my new writing goals were going to be and I stared at him, slack-jawed, as if he had asked me to scrub the bathrooms with a toothbrush. "I have to come up with new goals?!? Hell, I'm still working on these goals!" But now that I have had a few bottles of wine some time to mull it over, I suppose it would be good to give myself a challenge so I don't become a lazy hack. So here are a few new goals:

  • Create a weekly blogging schedule - say Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. And if I'm inspired to write more, in any particular week, well won't I fucking rock?
  • Write one short story a month (even if it is the kind I can't show my mama).
  • Take another creative writing class at the Hugo House this Fall.

So, there you have it, I done done it, and I'm going to continue to do it! Thanks for your support and bloggy love!

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I Kinda Sorta in a Way Did It! + writing