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Getting around Las Vegas Cheaply

photo credit: Las Vegas is a city that is created for tourists. Most casinos go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that visitors have more than enough to do without having to exit out the front door. The result is a collection of complexes that are more like resorts than merely places to gamble, eat and sleep. Of course, to get a true taste of Sin City, it is best to explore beyond the front doors of the MGM Grand or Caesar’s Palace. This means finding transportation. That can be anything from purchasing a decent pair of walking shoes to renting a limo to drive you from front door to front door. Of course, it is relatively straightforward to get from place to place on the Las Vegas Strip on foot. That said, the miles can quickly add up when you are not only walking from casino to casino but also exploring the extensive interiors each entertainment complex. Luckily for thrifty Sin City visitors, it is easy to use public transit to get around Las Vegas. The Monorail The Las Vegas Monorail is a good way to get around the Strip without having to rely completely on foot power. Tickets are a bit on the pricy side, however. Tickets cost $5 for a one-way trip, though multiple ride passes and long term passes are available. The monorail is expensive compared to other forms of public transit in Las Vegas. Some people also criticize it for being less convenient than one might expect. This is because it runs behind many hotels and casinos, forcing passengers to walk rather long distances from the stop to the main area of the casino.

Citizens Area Transit Bus The CAT #301 bus is the best value in town. It runs up and down the Strip 24 hours per day. Fares are $1.75, with all-day passes available for only $4. The double-decker Deuce buses are a more expensive option aimed specifically at tourists (OK, that’s pretty much everyone who is on the Strip at a given time). Fares are $3. Keep in mind that buses are not totally immune from the traffic jams that are a common occurrence on the Strip. However, an all-day pass on the CAT bus is still cheaper than a single ride on the monorail or a short taxi ride. Taxi Taxis are the most convenient way to get around Vegas. The meters on cabs start at $3.30. Rides along the Strip and from the Strip to Downtown Las Vegas cost between $10 and $20. Of course, if you are traveling with more than one person or with a larger group of people (3-5 can ride in one taxi), the cost per person goes down, making it cheaper to hop into a cab than to hop on the bus. Car Rental Renting a car in Las Vegas has both pros and cons. As the city grows, traffic on highways and main roads gets worse and worse. Traffic on the Strip is almost always heavy, so you can expect slow going. On the other hand, driving is the most convenient way to get from one part of the city to another. If you plan to do a lot of casino hopping or if you plan to see sites in the desert outside the city or in areas away from the Strip, a car is your best option as far as price and convenience are concerned. Parking is easy because all casinos offer free valet parking (free, but the valet will expect a tip of several dollars). So you will have to weigh the traffic against the convenience and easy parking (a rarity in any other American city). If you only plan an occasional trip up or down the Strip, taxis and buses should suffice.

On Foot The Strip can be negotiated on foot. Many people only rely on foot-power while in Vegas (except for a cab to and from the airport). However, keep in mind that distances between casinos, even those right next to each other, can be quite long. And hotels and casinos are huge, meaning that once you arrive on the grounds of your destination, you still may have to find your way through various hallways and plazas before finally reaching the place where you want to go. That said, if you feel comfortable with walking it is the ultimate cheap way to get around Las Vegas. Lindsey has been a travel blogger for over 4 years. Most recently she is the lead blogger for Airline Tickets & Airport Parking which provides unique travel advice for air travel and airports.

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