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Day 16 -- OK I Did It!

This is Steve. He's the friendly, new-ish owner of a local pub called The Pig n Whistle in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood. It was an unusually hot day here on Sunday and I took shelter in the pub - with it's open windows and people-watching opportunities (and a chicken burger, garlic fries to die for, and decent house wine). We ended up chatting about his new business and the (good!) changes to the menu, his delightful two year old daughter, and the history of the bar. It seems that some of the local housewives in the 1930's used to meet their girlfriends here, after leaving their grocery list next door, and get snockered. While they were drinking and chatting and catching up on gossip, the delivery boys would go to their homes, walk in (no one locked their doors) and put the food on the pantry shelves. I would have been one of those housewives. Oh hell yeah.

So after all this talking I felt comfortable enough (but still nervous!) to ask him if I could take his photograph and told him about my photographer friend (Caroline) who challenged her blog readers to ask a stranger if we could take a picture of them (as she's been doing so spectacularly all month). Granted, I don't feel he totally qualifies as a go-up-to-someone on the street, "stranger", since we had already been talking for 15 minutes or so... still... it's about as brave as I get... for now, anyway.

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Day 16 -- OK I Did It! + The August Break