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Capri: No Sense Letting Out Of Sight

I am lying face up on a wooden row boat. The boat is swaying rhythmically with every surge of the blue Tyrrhenian sea. Draping my arm over my sun burnt face, I shield my eyes from the blazing Mediterranean sun. But even with eyes half shut, the glare pierces through, until there are tens of dancing little sun spots shrouding my vision. I squint while I pray for passing clouds to shade the sun. Really, what is there to complain about in this case? I am on a boat, in the middle of a beautiful blue sea, along the sunny coast of the isle of Capri. Nary an island in the Mediterranean is as beguiling as Capri, having delighted generations of merrymakers into proclaiming it as the mecca of ambrosial pleasures.

Capri (pronounced 'ka-pree, not the usual ka-'pree) is a tiny speck of land amidst the Bay of Naples in southern Italy. Revelers arrive by the boatloads at Marina Grande, and as there is not much to keep them at port, most will board the funicolare up to Capri town, the island's hub. And if one was to be so lucky as to miss the human waves formed by daytripping throngs, then Destiny will be so kind as to show the magic of l'isola bella.

A trip to Capri's most famous attraction, the Grotta Azzura or Blue Grotto, is but one of the many Elysian delights of the island. The captivating shades of blue astounds me!

But a personal favourite is a stroll along Via Tragara for its unparalleled vistas. I fancy peeking through the gates of luscious villas and palazzos lining the via, whilst imagining the lives of their inhabitants. Then sometimes -- a reward -- the trees will suddenly bend with the wind and expose a staggering view of the crystal blue waters beyond someone's elusive garden.

I am at the end of Via Tragara where a belvedere hangs over the sea. My arms are stretched out over the iron balcony as I take in the scenery. I look towards the bay, west to Castiglione, and find a crowd on the belvedere across. My heart flutters, as I have never been so fortunate to enjoy a singular moment of peace on this beloved terrace overlooking the Faraglione rocks.

Sweat. Thirst. Hunger. Desire. The pursuit of carnal bliss is potent as I ramble along the unmistakably luxurious shopping street, Via Camarelle. I spot a lone girl, with beautifully bronzed legs, stepping into every store in search of the perfect something for her perfect self. Does she live in one of the spectacular villas on the island? Does she have a secret rendezvous with a lover tonight? Perhaps a glass of wine at the world-class Hotel Quisisana this evening as her lover wraps a diamond-encrusted chain around her exquisite neck?

Conceivably, they will sip espresso after midnight at La Piazzetta. I will spy on the two lovebirds before I retire to my own cup of caffe or gelato from Bar Tiberio.

As I lounge on a cafe, I write on my moleskine notebook about sultry Capri. I remember the day at sea, lying on the boat with my arm across my eyes, while I wait to be paddled into the Blue Grotto. What am I so afraid to look at? So, I crack open my eyes and caught a glimpse of the alluring isle of Capri rising above me. Such a tiny parcel of land yet so abundant with splendid treasures. I never let Capri out of my sight again.

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Capri: No Sense Letting Out Of Sight + trip