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Back from New York

Jenny's baaaaaaack! New York was absolutely fab - one week was barely enough for me to go around! I visited my old 'hood to see what's happening, and surprise surprise many, many things have changed. You know what they say... "the only thing constant is change."

Hence, in the next weeks, you'll be seeing New York updates and reviews. Also, while in the city, I had the pleasure of shopping and dining at some fine establishments, in equally fine company! Here's a preview!

The famous blue doors of the French Laundry, replicated in New York City's Per Se.
IMG_0468 per se blue doors
Dinner with the whole gang at Balthazar...
IMG_0568 Balthazar group
Then brunch the following day at the perpetually busy Café Habana...
IMG_0601 Habana brunch
This Little Owl was such a hoot...
IMG_0726 little owl
Peasant restaurant is in line with my obsession with barnyard chic interiors and farm-to-table dining... That's Chef Frank DeCarlo manning the stoves.
IMG_0671 Peasant
Something I am really, really infatuated with - a (modern) harvest table - as seen in many New York showrooms and studios. I found a designer in Ontario who can custom make one out of reclaimed wood (yay, save the planet!).
Picture 5
Still in NYC, rediscovering a London brand I first obsessed about in 2004 (glad to know it's finally in the States!). Hallelujah, it's about time All Saints crossed the pond!
IMG_0653 All Saints sale
My favourite purchase of all...
damisi boots
Worn with the top buckle undone.
Picture 1
More food and shopping posts unleashed in the following week. Also, look out for an upcoming giveaway. Hint: it is something LUXE!

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