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Touting Time: AdventureGirl

In the blink of an eye, Twitter unwittingly got a travel mascot. @AdventureGirl, aka Stefanie Michaels, now flaunts over 850,000 followers, and sits atop the social media travelsphere as one of the top voices in the industry.

A regular voice on CNN, FOX News and countless other talk programs and a nationally-published writer, Stefanie seems to have exclusive connects in every corner of the globe, taking her on wild trips from the Iditarod sled race in Alaska to safaris in Africa. And it doesn't just stop with the limitations of earth travel. Michaels recently completed a full-fledged trip into complete weightlessness, hopping on board the initial run of ZERO G in Las Vegas, where riders can experience what gravity is like for space travelers (it's a bit different). And did I mention her first crewmate was former NASA hero Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin?

Even if she's out doing some extreme tourism or gallivanting at the hottest celeb travel hangouts, you can find her documenting her adventures and re-tweeting some of the top travel stories at all hours. And if you can't get enough of her on the web, fear not--she's currently writing the next books in her Adventure Girl Guides series, where she promises "adventure, without breaking a nail." Probably harder than it sounds.

Michaels says she lives by a mantra that's hard to disagree with, said by the late great pilot Amelia Earhart: "If someone asks you on an adventure, never refuse." Inspired yet?

Be sure to check out Adventure Girl on Twitter. But we're pretty sweet, too--keep up with us @whereivebeen.

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