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My First Persian is from Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel - Oh, the souks of Jerusalem had left me spellbound! A warren of well-trodden streets mangle into the Old City's Christian and Muslim Quarters, where adroit merchants at the Arab market huckster their colourful wares to anyone who shows an iota of interest. Needless to say, I got sucked in!

Bargaining proved to be more taxing than anticipated, although a pleasant experience nonetheless. My advice when haggling is: be friendly, not offensive; set a goal on how much you want to pay for an item and stand steadfast on it. If in doubt about a fair price, I usually start my bid at 50% off the stated figure. Most importantly, be prepared to walk away at all cost!

So, it was here in the Arab market that I fell in love with a Persian. A silk Persian rug.

To appreciate it, you have to move around the tapestry. On one side, bold colours pop out...

IMG_5005 copy 2

On the other, more subdued pastels... A truly dynamic piece!

IMG_5010 copy 2

The merchant claimed it to be 800 kpsi (knots per square inch), but I highly doubt it. I would have to get in and count the knots myself, then.

IMG_5006 copy 2

I don't remember which shop I bought it from (shame on me; and I call myself a travel blogger?). However, I am positive that it was inside Suq Aftimos in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem.

IMG_2479 copy 2

I'll always remember Jerusalem for introducing me to my Persian!

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