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First time blogger - readers beware!

Congratulations! You have successfully stumbled upon the Where I've Been blog! You are probably feeling a bit lost and bewildered by your surroundings, like to a tourist stranded in the center of London, but I am here to help you navigate your way around this super-dooper page!
As you can see on the top right, there is a wee list of social networking sites (facebook, myspace, hi5, bebo, friendster) where you can add the Where I've Been application. After installing the app, you can create your own map, pin-pointing all the countries and cities you've been to. You can also participate in community forums and chat rooms if you a) feel like making new friends b) don't have any friends at all, like me c) just feel like chatting about traveling, road trips, and squirrels. (??!!).
Anyway, I digress .. let's talk about the AMAZING WHERE I'VE BEEN BLOG! It is a fantabulous page that will provide you with loads of upcoming information regarding the Where I've Been website and all of our future endeavors. We thrive on user suggestions so if you feel that you would like to enlighten us and contribute ideas to this page, then please contact us at
Make sure you continue to visit the Where I've Been homepage ( to view various updates made to the site. Also, be sure to expand your knowledge of the world by answering our Question of the Day.
Right, I'm off... . back to the Where I've Been chatroom to make some new found friends... .

Katy Lynch
Community Manager

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First time blogger - readers beware! + trip