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The Slow Road to Home

"3 years. 4 moves. 5 living arrangements. 2 kids. 1 family's ordeal with a home renovation gone bad." If our life had a movie trailer, this would be it.

I have kvetched and griped about our ordeal in numerous posts here. And although our home reno drama is far from over (there is a pending court claim on the crooked contractor and we have yet to sell the house to rid us of all the hurt), we have reached some notion of clarity and acceptance of our situation, albeit a bit foggy still. So, if you would indulge me, I'd like to chronicle our move-in process and our journey to make a house built on sweat and tears into a home of the heart.

The last few days, we have been busy painting, moving, and getting the house ready to be finally lived in (after 3 years of non-use). We believe that if we lived in the house and filled it with love and laughter, we will purge the house of the ghosts of hurt. And perhaps, when we sell it sometime in the future (the ultimate goal), that same powerful love and good vibe will linger on to the next family.

It has been so busy that I barely have time for anything else, including blogging. I've been neglecting my (other) travel blog and food blog. So if you haven't checked them out yet, now may be a perfect time to catch up on past posts.

Cooking has taken a backseat as well, but we're lucky to be living in Toronto, with its numerous multicultural food offerings. It's never been easier (and tastier) to sample the city's street foods.
IMG_0169 fishballs IMG_0183 pizza IMG_0001 roti
My generous brother-in-law from 416cyclestyle surprised me with this vintage milk crate from Georgian Bay Creamery that he found in someone's garbage (it's true then that someone's garbage is another one's treasure). Since we are on a "Vintage Modern" design rampage for our house, I thought it was really nice of him to present us with a gift so fitting. It's going to be an awesome magazine rack!
IMG_0170 box IMG_0174 box
People say that you only need to open your eyes and look around to find beauty. And that's exactly what we did to find these bottles containing sparkling flavoured lemonade by Effervé, a French beverage company. The glass bottle comes with a stopper and it looks very vintage. The only thing left to do is scrape off the sticker label and ooh la la... a collector's item. And at what price? $3.99. Not too shabby... I guess we will be busy scraping labels off glass bottles the next few days.
IMG_0182 bottle IMG_0181 bottle
We're so very happy, though, that our Delano chairs came in time - right after we had painted the living room walls. Slowly, we are making this our home, and I can't wait to use every inch of space, fill it with stuff we accumulated through years of travel, and to start weaving memories together with my family.
IMG_0179 delano
Final move-in date: July 1.

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The Slow Road to Home + vintage