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I Like Big Cranes

... and I cannot lie.... (thanks Sir Mix-A-Lot!).

Oh sure, I like our fine feathered friends with the big beaks too, but there's something majestic about these bright orange hardworking structures standing guard at the south end of our waterfront. The orange brightens our gray skyline and adds a nice contrast to our blue-sky days (not that you can tell from these photos - just trust me on this).

I took these shots on the way to my bro'-in-laws birthday dinner in West Seattle. We were on the "soon" to be demolished Alaskan Way viaduct - that I also like. Sure it'll crumble like a stack of marbles in the next Big Quake, and it's a scar between downtown and the waterfront, and, yeah, okay, it's a noise factor for all those people who work and/or live next to it, but driving on it is breathtaking - the downtown buildings on one side and the Olympic mountains, green & white ferries, Elliott Bay, and big, lanky, CRANES on the other - I'll miss it when we have to drive underground.

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