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Good Questions

Dave's funeral was... lovely... does that sound weird? It was sad and lovely... in a magical old cemetery surrounded by fields and vineyards, with mossy gravestones dating back to the late 1800's. Dave's simple pine coffin (lined in silk) made for him by friends, encircled by family and friends, all touched by a misty drizzle, then a short downpour, stories told, poems read, tears and laughter, a beautiful choir singing Amazing Grace.

The gathering back at my sister-in-law Sue's home was standing room only - wall to wall people. (Frankly, too much humanity for me, as I scurried to the library where there was a manageable handful of people.) Which, of course, made me think shallow thoughts such as, "I wonder how many people would come to my funeral?" And realizing that my world has become much smaller since I haven't worked in a year and a half and no longer belong to a church or any other organization. I guess that is OK - if I am content with a few close friends and family in life, why would I need hundreds to show up when I'm dead? But if lots of people want to show up that is OK too.

Dave's daughter Mary gave a powerful reading of Oriah Mountain Dreamer's The Invitation. With tears in her big blue eyes and voice - the words, and her presentation, made me cry like a baby. It's a poem that asks the questions that dig deep into what it means to live fully, what is really important, can you accept joy and pain? Can you be "bruised to the bone" with grief, and still get up to feed the children? Can you accept failure and rejection and loss and remain open, or do you shrivel up and shut down? Can you disappoint others in order to be true to yourself? All very good questions -- and I'm not sure that I like all of my answers, right now, not even sure I have an answer for all her questions. If you haven't read or heard The Invitation before, or even if you have, check out the lovely video below.

Bye Dave!


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Good Questions + video