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Around the 'hood

In Seattle, we worship the sun whenever and wherever we can find it (this was a stealth shot taken from inside Herkimer's coffee house):

A sauntering cat who was coming over for a chin scratching until she heard the loud click of my camera and ran off into the bushes:

A neighborhood store:

The penguin exhibit at the Woodland Park Zoo. It's hard to see the penguins in this shot but I like how it looks as if I took a side trip to Antarctica circa 1930:

That's about all that I can write today. Last night I enjoyed a lovely dinner with the family for Father's Day (minus my hubs who forgot that he had a guitar lesson that night!). We went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants for the last 40 years, The Italian Spaghetti House, where I gorged on a plate of spaghetti in meat sauce, nearly a loaf of fabulous homemade bread (with butter), breadsticks (with butter), several a couple of glasses of Chianti and basically was passed out at home by 7:00 PM (and I wonder why I have low energy? Hmmm).

After I sign off here, I'm going to get my carb-overloaded bod outta my chair (if my cat allows me to) and venture out into the world to commit errands (and take more pictures). Hope your week is starting off well.


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