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Touting Time: Travelogged

The advent of the blog has given a much-needed voice to the world's finest unsung travel experts. We at Where I've Been take great pride in getting in touch with many of these nomadic sages, and we won't hesitate to tout our favorites throughout the travelsphere.

Recently we've been drawn to the work of Liz Borod Wright, who heads the excellent journal Travelogged. The site's interface is simple and easy to navigate, but the content is extensive and her journeys span the globe. It's a refreshing read in many ways. For one, her tone is light and conversational; she flashes knowledge but comes off more like a friendly guide than a stodgy curmudgeon lording over their opinion. Her posts come once daily or once every two days, which reflects the thoughtfuless of her content--you can tell she gave each post careful consideration before publishing, and each post is adorned with vivid photographs that add nice color to her travel logs.

Recently, Liz wrapped up a ten-day jaunt in California and brought back some insight into the lesser-known corners and scenic coastline drives of the state, and the trip is representative of her comforting style. Her document of the drive on Highway 1 from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz has some particularly enlightening material, noting the area as a top spot for food nuts who wish to sample the famous artichoke soup. She also dropped us this dashing photograph to the left, a surprisingly wonderful view from the highway.

Elsewhere in her trip, she might have taken the ultimate Sunday drive--the roads that snake around the valleys of Big Sur, with some incredible pictures and video. They're too stunning to put in thumbnail form here, so do yourself a favor and click over. Her fascination with seals led her to a winsome batch of the creatures in the area of Carpinteria, between Santa Barbara and L.A. Her affinity for scenery of all kinds led her to conclude that the views of the Napa Valley are a tad more enjoyable than the eats there.

All in all, Liz comes off as calm and assured in her writing, which makes her a trustworthy stop if you're looking for an unadorned, unpretentious travel journal to add to your bookmarks. Her Where I've Been map is expanding by the day, and we're happy to count her among our favorite travel experts. Check out Travelogged.

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