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Where in the World... ?

Orange trees, palm trees, rose bushes, manicured lawns, and the sparkling Mediterranean sea on the horizon... I could have easily tricked you into thinking this Garden of Eden is somewhere in Europe. Fancy a guess on the actual location? Scroll down for the answer.

These photos were taken at the Bahá'i Gardens in Haifa, Israel.

There might not be much to keep you in Haifa, but the cooler climate of this city-by-the-sea is a real draw during Israel's blistering summers. Like the terraced gardens of the Bahá'i, the city has a genuine Mediterranean feel to it, especially around the German colony area. Not only are Haifa's hills the perfect getaway (just ask the Carmelite nuns who have settled here), but its Bat Galim beach has gained an excellent reputation as one of Israel's and the Mediterranean's best wave spots for windsurfing! How's that for paradise?


Where in the World... ? {travel}