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They Just Keep Rockin'

It took me a few days to figure out how long it had been since I had seen an arena-sized concert (my brain was starting to hurt having to go back so many years) but I realized it must have been Nirvana at the Cow Palace (South of San Francisco) in 1993 and before that it was David Bowie at the Tacoma Dome in the early 80's! In any case, it's been a long time, until my dry spell was ended last night by seeing the James Taylor and Carole King - Live at The Troubadour Tour, with my mom, thanks to my sister and brother-in-law, Tracy and Chris, who generously gave us their extra tickets (and very, very nice seats they were!).

Taylor and King have still got It. Taylor's voice remains as smooth and rich as creme caramel and King's raspy rockin' voice blended beautifully and it was obvious the affection they have for each other, their bandmates, and back-up singers. And the energy! These two 60-somethings put me to shame. They've been on tour since March yet they did not one, not two, but FOUR encores! I want to know their secret (if it is the adrenalin inspired by the audience then I guess I am shit out of luck). And, unlike some of the concerts I went to back in the day, I didn't come out smelling of pot and no one threw up on me!

All in all, a fantastic way to celebrate Mother's Day and the concert totally made up for the the disaster that was dinner. Rather, that wasn't dinner. Mom and I met up with Tracy and Chris and their charming friends at a popular Mexican joint that was severely understaffed. It took 45-minutes to get our drinks (Chris had to resort to going up to the bar and reordering our drinks there - because we couldn't even find our waiter). So although we arrived there two hours before the concert it was obvious that even if we were given the opportunity to order food (which we weren't) it wouldn't have arrived in time anyway. Although, after an hour with an empty basket of chips a frenzied busser did throw a full basket at us - but with no salsa - mmm plain dry chips - yumsters! And if you are wondering if there are not any other restaurants in the area there are - approximately one gazillion - but by the time we came to the end of our collective rope any other place we could have walked to would have been jam packed as well. So I just seethed silently until the blessed margarita was delivered offering me enough sustenance to make it until I could buy myself a $6 hot dog at the arena. And so, because of my unfulfilled desire for Mexican food I'm going to treat myself to some of the best nachos in Seattle at El Chupacabra today - anyone care to join me?!?

Rock on!

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