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The Most Perfect Job

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So I was listening to the radio and the DJ was asking people who thought they had the most perfect jobs to call in. I hoped to get some good ideas -- and I did. One woman caller said she had burnt out as a lawyer (imagine) and decided to become a freelance writer. OK, cool enough so far. But the reason she wins my first annual Spa Slut Award is that she decided she wanted to focus on something she enjoyed, so she began writing about spas and selling the articles to in-flight and travel magazines. Now, this woman, (who I love/hate), gets flown all over the world by resort spas, receives the red-carpet treatment and all the spa services she can handle for FREE! I can just hear it, "Oh, Hans, no, I really couldn't take another milk & honey body wrap, Swedish hot stone massage, volcanic mud facial... wellllll... okay, if you insist." Is it just me, or is this woman a frickin' genius? Congratulations anonymous, radio caller-in lady, I raise my glass of non-organic, sulfite-loaded wine, with my non-manicured hand, to you!

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