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Favourite Street Eats in the World

No matter which part of the world you travel to, sampling the local cuisine will almost always bring a journey full circle. Regaling your audience back home with tales of delicious and exotic eats, or foods that are downright odd and nasty is a surefire hit! And the best way to gather collateral information? Spy on the masses. Eat as the locals do. Pillage their neighbourhood joint.

Here are some of my favourite iconic street food experiences from my travels.

1) Fish and Chips in England
2) Crêpes in France
2004 Honeymoon 087 crepes
3) Pizza in Italy
IMG_6160 pizza
4) Souvlaki in Greece
IMG_0549 copy kebab
5) Kebabs in Morocco
street meat
6) Shakshuka in Israel
IMG_2074 cooking shakshuka
7) Shawarma in Syria
IMG_2158 shawarma
8) Manakeesh in the Middle East
IMG_1835 manakeesh
9) Hotdogs and Pretzels in New York City, USA
nyc truck
10) Rice Crackers in Japan
tokyo cracker vendor
11) BBQ in the Philippines
12) Pho in Vietnam
IMG_0035 copy
13) Tacos in Mexico
IMG_0013 copy
14) Curry Roti in the West Indies
15) Curry Anything in Thailand
bangkok street foods copy
What are your favourites from your own travels?

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