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Bummed Again

No silly post today, I'm sorry to say. We've had some more disappointing health news regarding my mom. Not that I'm a conspiracy nut, but it does seem that the Universe is out to get the Ritchie's and my poor mom is the scapegoat. Two years ago she had a heart operation, last year she had to have a double mastectomy, this April she had a cancerous kidney removed and they thought it was contained but now it looks like there is cancer in the renal vein (?). Kind of vague about the specifics right now - we'll find out more on Monday. Not to mention the fact that my grandfather died in February, my dad had a cancer scare last month, and my grandmother has breast cancer! I mean... come on!! So. We hold our collective breath. I welcome all good thoughts, prayers, voodoo, whatever you got. Thank you.

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