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A Passage to Essaouira and a Great Villa

The jessant dust purls from the heat and chaos of Marrakech. It is only May--barely even summer--yet the hot, muggy air is stifling my every breath.
Car window
For most Marrakchis, a passage to the nearby water, where it is cooler, proves to be the solution. So, we follow the dust trail out of the city and into the coast.

180 kilometers west of Marrakech, away from the desert and towards the Atlantic ocean, is the former Portuguese stronghold of Essaouira.
Essaouira Chefchaouen Square
Essaouira port
At this laid back town with a hippie vibe, lies Villa de l'O--the ultimate getaway guesthouse on the coast.

Now, I know I said in my previous post that Riad Dar One is the best place we've stayed at so far, but Villa de l'O definitely shares the spot.

For 150 Euros per night in their voyage-themed suites and 190 Euros for their grand suite, it is almost a steal!
O guesthouse
O overview
O lobby
The fashionable owner, CĂ©line Colliere, is a master curator of antiquarian travel artifacts. The entire guesthouse drips in precious objets d'art that come from a grand bygone era. You half expect explorers, archaeologists, and adventurers to plonk down beside you in this Gatsby-esque manse.
O books
Every detail has been thought of, from the welcome mint tea...
O tea
... to the attentive turndown service.
O turndown
From the carved wooden mouldings and glass skylights...
O second floor
... to the wrought-iron banisters.
O wrought iron balcony
From the gauzy linen with silk tassels...
O curtain
... to the luscious animal pelts.
O pelt
Villa de l'O manages to charm the daylights out of anyone. Let these images take you on a ride through this amazing refurbished Moroccan villa with a strong Colonial past.
O Oxalis room
O bed
O basin
Here I am, relaxing in L'Oxalis room--just one of the many themed suites in the tradition of grand voyages. Notice the ceiling to be of canvas tent?
O relax
And on the rooftop, the expansive view of the plage invites a happy feeling to linger on...
O balcony

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