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Vintage 1970

Does this even need an explanation? My hipster dad, lil' sis - crying - and me circa 1970. My sister has hated having her picture taken since she was an infant, I swear, and would usually start crying once the camera was brought out as if mom was coming at her with a big needle. My theory is that in a past life she was from an American Indian tribe that felt photographs stole your soul (but I don't think the Indians got all whiny about it!). I don't believe that I'm having very nice thoughts here. In fact, I look like I could be on one of those true crime shows, Kids Who Kill! My dad looks amazingly calm -- and my folks didn't even do drugs, so I don't know what's up with that.

But just so my sweet, darling sister doesn't pay me back by posting a truly heinous photo of me on Facebook (and she definitely has the ammunition, believe me) I thought I'd post this early 80's picture and embarrass myself first. The hairstyle I was going for was Stevie Nicks... and it is so... not:

OK, enough reminiscing for today.

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Vintage 1970 {vintage}